Mark draws a NEW townscape at the four V's in Delft. The townscape is for sale in a limited edition in my web shopVideo by Studioro.

Watch Mark drawing a cityscape at the Prinsengracht in Amsterdam. The drawing has been finished by now and will be colorized in winter. When finished, the cityscape will be sold in a limited edition. Mail to if you like to be informed about the work in progress. Video by Ernie Buts.

This video tells the making of “The Market Square and the Pig”. It shows Mark drawing on location, adding the colours using a computer, producing prints, and signing the result. video by Robert van Nimwegen

video of drawing in ink for Kortjakje. Delft, 2010. Kortjakje is a full-scale theatre production by the Max Theatre Group for which Mark designed the interactive animations and created the drawings. Music: Joop van Brakel, video: Robert van Nimwegen

Drawing on location looking down the Nieuwe Langendijk, April 2010. Video by Robert van Nimwegen.

Observations at Delft railway station during the cultural weekends. Video by Robert van Nimwegen.

Exploring live drawing by creating freestyle Jazzdoodles. Music by Wim Ninaber and drawings by Mark. Delft, 2010. 




Visit Mark's Megadrawings Youtube Channel for more video's about drawing.